Some character studies

Some photos I took an hour ago as references for artworks I am planning to draw regarding the fantasy-trilogy I am writing at the moment.

The first two have to do with a female character. She’s very old, very wise and a visionary. Situation: „I didn’t expect you…“

The third one shows my main-character. It’s a male, so I am hoping to transform the pose into the right look *fingers crossed*. Situation: „Well played… Now it’s MY turn!“WP_20150222_00_51_23_ProWP_20150222_00_51_28_ProWP_20150222_00_54_34_Pro












I took the photos because I couldn’t sleep (too much coffee too late in the evening) and since I am suffering from a case of writer’s block I decided to try and „feel“ my characters. So far it seems to work.

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