The Hobbit fan art: Thorin Oakenshield

thorin_dragonsick42thorin_dragonsic1kHere are my two drawings of #Thorin Oakenshield as he’s portrayed in Sir Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”-trilogy.

 I’ve included my original penicils-on-paper-drawing as well as my digital-drawing. To be honest, I’ve owned a Wacom-graphic-tablet for five years now but I never felt comfortable enough to use it, because 1) I love to feel the materials I am working with 2) I never did a digital drawing/painting and feared I’d mess up.

 But anyhow, I liked the original drawing but wasn’t fully pleased with it, which is a shame, because I knew I couldn’t alter it further or it’ll look like hell. One does not simply remove charcoal from paper. There’ll be holes and rough patches all over the place – and an artist who slowly slips into insanity. Been there, done that – never again. The most important reason why I decided to try and enhance the original was that these movies mean so much to me and I felt like all people involved put so much hard work and effort into it. So who am I to give up on a simple drawing? I wanted to give my all as well!

 Sir Peter Jackson and his cast and crew did a great job to bringing Middle-earth to life, these six movies have been a big part of my life, they are my “happy place” in times of sadness and despair, but also in times of joy. As well as the books, they movies take me to places of imagination and dreams in a world far away and yet so near.

 Thorin has always been the character that fascinated me the most – in the book as well as in the movies of Sir Peter Jackson and his team. I feel and felt drawn to him because he’s the essence of a “grey” character, a man with flaws. A man of honour, a great fighter, a worthy leader and king as well as a man ridden with greed and mistrust, someone who feels robbed and betrayed. A sad, a driven existence, at times, but also a proud son of Durin who loves his kin and values the worth of loyalty, friendship and a small, but trustworthy and faithful company. In short someone who takes you on an emotional rollercoaster-ride. You can’t feel indifferent about him. Thereof Sir Peter Jackson and his team took very well care of, especially the two actors who embodied Thorin: Richard Armitage and Mark Atkin. I think both of them did a great job to show us the many different nuances in this complex character: His emotions as well as his badass-fighting that awes us while sitting in front of the screen and witnessing the power and physical and mental presence of Thorin Oakenshield. I felt it in every scene he was in. He has the gravity of a black hole that draws the viewer closer and closer to him, for good or worse, one never knows – there’s always an intimidating and intimate distance, and no, this isn’t an oxymoron in his case. You feel uncomfortably close at times, but you’ll never see all of him, he’ll never show.

 So – Thank all of you who helped to bring Middle-earth alive. I also want to thank the wonderful other Hobbit- and LOTR-fans I’ve met here, on Twitter or elsewhere. I had so much fun chatting with you or learning new things about the movies and books. THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU! You’re my inspiration!

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