Archiv für den Monat: April 2016

In the Eye of the Fight

This was my entry for this year’s HobbitCon Art Show contest. I didn’t win, but I am pretty proud how it turned out. Currently I am working on a coloured version.

Mixed media drawing (pencils and a bit of highlighting in PS)



I am currently working on some updates for the homepage. Will post them very soon.

Oh – and to the companies that keep sending me offers  – I don’t want your service. If I wanted someone to re-design my homepage I’d ask a good friend of mine. But I think I get that perfectly covered myself since it’s just a private HP.

Meanwhile – three songs which describe my current mood…

1. Kataklysm – Iron Will

WHY: No matter what happens, how shitty life can be – move on, train, practice, be patient, resilient and perservere. Come back stronger. Go your way. No need to feel sorry for myself. If my (current!) best is not good enough, I must train harder. But at the same time, don’t listen to the so called haters, because you know, there are always people who’d rather like to see others fall than work to make themself rise and be the best self they could be. Keep that in mind. Through the anger, through the tears. Others are human, too, no matter how much they seek to hide that fact. And if you’ve got „haters“ – well, congratulations… You’re doing something right!

Also, if you’ve got the time and want to get to know a very interesting and intelligent artist –
watch these interviews with Kataklysm-singer Maurizio Iacono. They’re about him becoming a Metal musician, but also a great insight into the mind of a great artist. It’s the mindset you need to make it as an artist. I highly admire Maurizio Iacono. That’s my kind of guy. Hard working, self confident, but not bragging, he knows who he is and what he wants and what he has to do for it. Even if you’re already a more known artist there’s a lot you can learn from him. Do yourself a favour and watch it, even if you don’t like Metal.

It’s all about the balance between work, taking care of your body and mind and family/private life and what impact fame has on your life and how to keep yourself grounded.

2. Placebo – Running Up That Hill

WHY: This one is about my conflicting feelings for someone I’ve talked to the last year. Do you know the feeling when you exactly know someone is trying to take advantage of you, is trying to reduce you to nothing, without showing you an ounce of kindness, fairness and respect? Doesn’t even talk to you about simple things, just things concerning themself? But you keep going, because you still believe that in the end, the true person who lies beyond that hard shell is worth all trouble in the world, even if this person doesn’t see it. Well, friendship is a tricky thing. Do we have to prove it all the time and receive nothing in return? No. But then again. Are we entitled to make our kindness dependant on mutuality? That’s the question I keep asking myself. What do I expect? How far will I go? I am far over the breaking point. And still…

3. The Chemical Brothers feat. Q-Tip – GO

WHY: That’s the song that played on the radio when I drove back from this years HobbitCon yesterday morning. It was beautiful, sunny weather. I felt incredible down because of a few things that happened (or not happened) at the convention. And then… I saw green hills before me, on them beautiful old wooden houses and fruit trees in bloom. In the back I could see the mountains rise, their peaks still covered in snow. I… just had to stare. Everything that seemed so important before was nothing all of a sudden. That sight. That land. Home. It was in Germany close to the Austrian (Tyrolean) border. In that moment all the negativity fell off of me. And this song. I could hear myself sing along while I teared up a bit. But for the first time in days out of happiness. Yeah, I was overwhelmed by the beauty and the feeling of home. That’s something nobody can take from you. Who you are, where you’re from. The feeling of safety that „home“ means. All my „problems“ became so small and insignificant. Nothing I can’t fix. So… be happy, dance along, because…

„Oh, no time to rest
Just do your best
Oh, what you hear is not a test
We’re only here to make you
We’re only here to make you
We’re only here to make you
We’re only here to make you go“