Archiv für den Monat: Februar 2015

Five For Friday

While painting I like to listen to music which reflects my feelings and emotions toward the motif/process.

My „Five For Friday“ are:

Eivør Pálsdóttir – Trøllabundin
Wardruna – Hagal
Nightwish – Phantom Of The Opera (Check the „End Of An Era“ live version of the song)
Borknagar – Colossus
Amon Amarth – Tattered Banners And Bloody Flags

So, I think I am coming to an end with my painting which took me months. He’s beautiful. I am not quite sure he resembles the original, but I like him, he’s very dear to my heart as is the one original. It literally has cost me tears and blood (a stupid incident with a scraper while cleaning the palette). But t was worth it. Hopefully I can show him to you this very week. Depends on how much work I get done today.
One note: I know I am somewhat considered a professional, though I don’t sell my art. Many people think just because you’ve been to art’s-school means it is easy for you to create paintings or drawings, especially when the things I am doing here weren’t taught in our school. We learned mostly techniques. For that I am grateful. But like many of my friends from that school my art wasn’t influenced mainly by our school but by the people and things we deeply care about, by incidents, by moments of joy or sadness and loss. Each and every one of these friends is important to me and each and every one of them is special and has her/his own way to create beautiful art.

Speaking for myself, my only reward is that you maybe like or recognize what I am doing and that it’ll put a smile on your face, even for a moment, no longer than a blink of an eye. My wish is to give you something back for your dedication and love for art and your art especially. Yes – that’ll make me definitely happy. I want to thank you for taking your time and reading what I am writing and for looking at art and site. I don’t take things like this as granted.


This time it’ll definitely go down. Bought my ticket yesterday. Today I saw that Dean O’Gorman can’t come, but that Luke Evans will be there. So lose one, get another one – though I can’t say I am too happy about it because I was looking forward to see as many dwarves as possible, they are my little furry heroes. And Fili is definitely one of the most interesting, but sadly underappreciated characters of the Hobbit-movies. But good for Dean making a movie! I am somewhat happy for him though it means I’d never meet him – it is very unlikely that I’ll go on another Con because I feel very uncomfortable in crowded places, even if these places are pleasant. But I „jumped over my shadow“, made a decision and now I’ll definitely be there. There’s no turning back now. Not for me.



Some character studies

Some photos I took an hour ago as references for artworks I am planning to draw regarding the fantasy-trilogy I am writing at the moment.

The first two have to do with a female character. She’s very old, very wise and a visionary. Situation: „I didn’t expect you…“

The third one shows my main-character. It’s a male, so I am hoping to transform the pose into the right look *fingers crossed*. Situation: „Well played… Now it’s MY turn!“WP_20150222_00_51_23_ProWP_20150222_00_51_28_ProWP_20150222_00_54_34_Pro












I took the photos because I couldn’t sleep (too much coffee too late in the evening) and since I am suffering from a case of writer’s block I decided to try and „feel“ my characters. So far it seems to work.